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Secret Santa

So I got a package from Amazon filled with things off my wishlist. Awesome no? Except no note as to who it's from. It could be on purpose. Just a random anon gift. OR it could be a mix up from Amazon in which case the person who gave it to me is wondering why the hell I haven't said thank you yet.


If it was any of youuu, thank you. Most especially for the Edmond Dulac and Arthur Rackham books. They throw me back to days filled with nothing to do but read. Glad to have them to look at in detail and obsess over for a while.


Now to send this, minus the links, to non journal folk. *grin*

I hope you and yours are having a good time and staying out of the kinds of trouble you don't want to be in and getting into MORE of the kind of trouble you do want.


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Dec. 23rd, 2011 06:53 pm (UTC)
Wasn't me, alas, BUT I would love a link to your wishlist!
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