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Oh Jay Smooth...

How are you so awesome?

Posted yesterday Jay has a nice and,I can't believe I missed how OBVIOUS, take on Rick Perry's Superman comment. Nicely done Sir!


New hair.

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Clarence's speech --- by an impressionist

It's probably been posted a fair bit but JUST IN CASE I'm posting it again because it should be seen by you.

Ok so this is Clarence's speech from William Shakespeare's Richard III done by an actor doing about 20 plus impressions. It works just as well just listening to it, which is the mark of a good impressionist IMHO.


What makes this AWESOME is not the impressions. Although most of them are excellent. NO! What makes this worth watching is how the performer picked which section of the monologue to go with which "actor". The snippets from the speech just go SO freaking well with the various speaking/performing styles. J'adore.

Seriously. If the Droopy Dog part doesn't make you laugh, I'm worried about you.


How much do I wish we'd do this in the US?

So very much. The Daily Show takes an amusing look at politics, this time England's and points out how very different the style of debate is.

If the State of the Union was more like this, I think more people would tune in. Just saying.


My latest project in progress. These things look SO freaking surreal before they get put into/onto the "context" of a body.

Her shoes are sweet though I think.

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The week before Firelands...

Warning WoW talk ahead.

So it's a week before "Firelands" is supposed to hit. And seriously are we already up on another mini expansion? My guild is just at 6/13 heroics, I haven't even had a wiff of that last dragon they've been taunting us with. The hell?

Regardless. This means that the second the new content is out there will be massive amnesia about the old stuff. However, in a surprising turn, our Guild Master decided to let us take a week off raiding to go into some of the more recent "old" content to clean up some achievements and just have fun to "relax" before the new content hits.

Tuesday was Ulduar. Continuing with my dorkiness I snuck back in after the clear and took many a screen cap. I naturally forgot to post any of them on my picasa so I can't show you but it's pretty in there I'll put one or two up one of these days.

Last night was the Ice Crown Citadel which was the content we were working on shortly before this last major expansion. Just five levels below our own. For the most part we destroyed everything in our patch like ravaging hordes but "mechanics" do matter in some of these encounters and we ran into this especially trying to do the last boss (The Lich King) on heroic.

There is NOTHING more fun than people overgeared dying over and over to something that they don't think actually benefits them. It really separates the "good" players from the motivated self interested ones. Oh something in it for me? Sure I'll move out of the crap I'm supposed to, otherwise no. *rolls eyes*

"Defile" is what ended up doing us in and as I was explaining it to a co-worker I found this little gem on YouTube that really says it all. It's all of 20sec so you won't be tortured with a long WoW vid that's all techno music and no explanations I promise.

I especially love the "Oh, I take that back."

Through the Pensieve

Ok so this is making me break my rule about longer vids a bit. Don't get me wrong this is AWESOME but I don't personally think it really kicks into high gear until around the 42 second mark.

Still, it's beautifully edited and worth staying for the whole thing.

I'm going to be happy to see the last movie but this reminds me what a journey it's been. This is why fans are the best.


So I got a recipe for homemade laundry soap on line using Borax, Washing Soda & soap. I made my own soap with 0% "superfat". According to the website it is supposed to look like egg drop soup when it's ready.

Looks like it to me. I'm going to wash a load now and see what happens. Buhahaha!

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